Blue and white settlements, hospitality, unforgettable gastronomy & endless charm, all beautifully framed by breathtaking views of the deep blue sea and the lighter blue sky. Even the nearby islands seem to have been carefully placed, as if by a meticulous stylist with an eye for seascape design.

There is a captivating drama when you sail into the harbor of Little Venice; a wonderful way to set yourself up for adventurous strolls around the island of Mykonos. Wander around countless beautiful beaches by day, then wine and dine in cosmopolitan hot spots at night.
In an idyllic setting which boasts spectacular sea views of the mesmerizing Aegean, live your very own romantic fairytale on the beautiful island of Mykonos. There is a rugged romance to Mykonos, a wild passion perfect for those in love. From remote beaches to once-in-a lifetime experiences, it offers couples a travel experience of a lifetime.
Nature, design, beaches, food, wine and culture: tick off a multitude of must-do moments in Mykonos, the ultimate summer escape. So much to see and do… Where to begin?

Built on a hill in Kanalia Village at Ornos, Mykonos No5 Hotel and Villas invites you to discover the beaming jewel of Cyclades, through a unique experience of luxurious accommodations and exclusive services.
A luxury boutique hotel and villas that is recognized for its unequalled splendor, an oasis of tranquility amid the vibrancy of Mykonos.

Our hotel is located just 3.5 km from the town of Mykonos, about 5,5 km from the port and close to 5 km from the airport.
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Well-known destination of antiquity and birthplace of the sun god Apollo, Delos is one of the brightest places on earth according to scientific measurements. The islands aura is remarkable. Covering 3, 4 km Delos is home to dozens of ancient temples and other buildings such as the agora, palestra and theatre and a range of ancient homes.

The mosaics found with their decorative themes which are geometric or focused on maritime take travelers a trip back in time more than two millenniums. Where else, but on Delos!


Picturesque, dazzling white, labyrinthine, cosmopolitan and noisy. These five words can accurately describe the vibrant city of Chora. The island of Mykonos has always been the summer pilgrimage of the international jet set. Its intense cosmopolitan aura, however never deprived Chora from her distinct Cycladic character.

Matogianni Street is what you would call the local Fifth Avenue of Mykonos. Whatever is in fashion can be found here – and whoever is well-known will pass by from here.


Cosmopolitan, relaxing, family, funky, alternative, sporty, serene or all-day partying, Mykonos features a wide variety of choices for your daily swim.

Discover the idyllic destination of Mykonos through the sea. Visit the Aghios Sostis Beach, the most alternative option of the island, with a lack of sun loungers and umbrellas, but with fantastic turquoise waters and golden sand that has for many years attracted the locals and those in search for something different. How about Super Paradise Beach? This golden sandy beach hosts the largest beach party in Greece, packed with people enjoying an amazing clubbing experience and full eccentricity. Aghios Ioannis Beach is one of the most relaxed spots of the island featuring crystal clear waters, golden sand, a sense of peace and ample sun late into the afternoon. Agrari Beach with a peaceful setting is a low profile destination for ultimate relaxation that boasts blue-green waters excellent views and pale-colored sand. Paraga Beach features fine pale sand, rocks forming a natural diving platform, umbrellas of dry leaves, restaurants and beach bars under the trees, creating a gorgeous summer scene. Relax on the sun-kissed sands of Elia Beach, discover the sparkling waters of Kalafatis, experience the captivating and vivid Little Venice or immerse yourself in the simple beauty of Greece.


There is no questioning about the beauty of the island’s beaches. But what if you want a bit of action? Look around and you will find sailing cruises and amazing snorkeling and diving activities or kayaking to a forgotten beach. The adventure travel vein has scarcely been tapped here and a few modern experiences like jet skiing and kite surfing, is something you’ll never forget.


Mykonos is vivid and lively round the clock, promising long days and longer nights! Boasting of cheerful and crowded bars & clubs, it’s a fact that party in Mykonos never stops. Begin a vibrant night out and get in the party vibes with a refreshing sunset cocktail in Little Venice, before you continue sipping champagnes at the best party venues in Mykonos. With great music and lively, swinging ambience, spend your nights at the best, long-standing values in Mykonos fun and engaging nightlife.

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